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Dances of Egypt, Nubia & the Sudan by Morocco


Filmed in 1979 with unidentified rababa band (perhaps Shougi Qenawi ensemble) Featuring: Raja, Khyria

Scene #1 Boat Show (“Pharonic” Ottoman Costume, Morocco notes that in 1964 the skirts worn by the elder sisters were ankle length.) 0:00 Taheya 0:39 Bambi (Raqset Hawanem) 2:25 Transitions back to ashrah 4:45 "El Kahraba Ya El Kahrabeya" الكهربا يا الكهربيه 5:36 Jihayni 7:17 Nizzawi? 7:47 (Melody Name?) 7:54 Jihayni 8:12 Nizzawi? 9:09 Qafla

Scene #2 Boat Show (Beaded Jalabeya, with beaded belts.) 9:15 Ashrah 9:25 (Melody name?) 10:32 "Ya Abui Bitzainu el Tagia" يا ابوي بتزينه الطاقيه

Scene #3 Outdoor Terrace (1st Costumes) 11:22 Ashrah (melody name?) 12:07 (Melody name? "Bambi") 12:30 Ashrah 12:43 return to first melody

13:07 (melody name?)

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