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(1981, 1998)










Documentary: مولد سيدي عبد الرحيم القنائي ، من تراث مدينة قنا طلعة المحمل
The birth of Sidi Abd al-Rahim al-Qana’i, from the heritage of the city of Qena, Tala’ al-Mahmal


Dancers: Suad, Feriyal, Fatheya

Film:  الزوجة الثانية
Al-Zawga Al-Thania  (The Second Wife)
About the Film | SEE IT HERE (One scene about 30sec long, around 1:14:30)

Dancers: Suad, Feriyal, Fatheya

Film: أنا الدكتور
Ana el Doctor (I'm the Doctor)

About the Film | SEE IT HERE (Several scenes in the first 8 min)

Dancers: Suad, Feriyal, Fatheya, Raja

Documentary: Dances of Egypt
Produced by Aisha Ali/ARAF


Dancers: (1974) Khyria Kabira, Raja, Khyria (1983) Raja, Khyria, Faiza and Samia

LP Album:  Music of the Ghawazee
Produced by Aisha Ali/ARAF

Singers/Sagat: Suad, Raja, Khyria

LP Album:  Music of the Fellahin
Produced by Aisha Ali/ARAF

Singers/Sagat: Khyria Kabira, Raja, Khyria 

Documentary: Egypt Dances (اشواق الاهالي)
Filmed by Magda Saleh
Available to view onsite only
The library of the American University in Cairo 
Jerome Robbins Dance Division, The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 

Dancers: Fauzeya Saad

Documentary: Dances of Egypt, Nubia & the Sudan
Produced by Morocco (Carolina Varga Dinicu) 


Dancers: Raja, Khyria

Documentary & CD?: Dancers of Egypt
Produced by Pepper Alexandria 

Contact Pepper to Purchase HERE or HERE

Dancers: Raja, Khyria

Documentary: La tradizione nell'Alto Egitto (1978-82)

Filmed by Giovanni Canova
About the Film | SEE IT HERE

Story Teller: Labiba Mazin (بنت الحداية Bint el Hidaya "The Kites Daughter")

Documentary: The Romany Trail: Gypsy Music Into Africa and Europe

About the Film | SEE IT HERE (One scene between 0:7:00-0:13:30)

Dancers: Suad, Raja, Khyria

Documentary: Ghawazee Dance, Tahtib and Raqs el Assaya: THE REAL THING
Produced by Eva Cernik

Contact Eva to Purchase

Dancers: Raja, Khyria

Documentary: Wedding in Luxor
Produced by Aisha Ali/ARAF


Dancers: Khyria

Documentary: الفرح مصري (Egyptian Weddings)
Directed by Arab Loutfi (عرب لطفي)

SEE IT HERE [from 26:14]

Dancers: Khyria

Documentary: The Belly Dancers of Cairo
Directed by Natasha Senkovich


Dancers: Khyria

Interview: Fanoos Magazine
About the Film

Dancers: Khyria

Documentary: Funoon Shaabeya
Produced by Tereza Sheyla

About the Film

Dancers: Khyria

Online Course
Produced by Shahrzad Studio


Dancers: Khyria

Documentary: “The last Ghawazi “ Miracle of Survival
Produced by Hypatia Elhoseny

About the Film

Dancers: Khyria

Written Publication Appearances

(1978-82, 2019)
















Field Research Catalogue by Giovanni Canova

Published by Centro Internazionale Della Grafica Di Venezia
Folk Life in Upper Egypt; p.100-101

Dissertation by Magda Saleh

New York University
A Documentation of the Ethnic Dance Traditions of the Arab Republic of Egypt; p.132-151

Available to AUC faculty and students here

Photos & Captions by Pepper Alexandria and Edwina Nearing
Published on Guilded Serpent.
Researching Dance Origins with the Mazin Family


Articles by A'isha Ali
Published in Arabesque Magazine, available on her website
Part VI (Finding the Ghawazee, Khalil, Abu Kherage), Vol. VII, No. I, May–June, 1981. 
Part VII (Nawar, The Banat Mazin), Vol. VII, No. III, September–October, 1981.

Articles by Habiba (Barabara Siegel)

Published in various places, available on her website
Party in Luxor; Arabesque Magazine, Vol 11, No. 4, November-December 1985, p. 10-11, 19-20

The Legacy of the Ghawazi; Habibi Magazine, Vol. 20, No. 3, Fall 2005, p. 38-46

Ghawazi revisited: a party in Luxor; Habibi, Vol. 21, No. 1, Winter 2005, p. 40-47

The Ghawazi: Back From the Brink of Extinction (For now); Gilded Serpent Online Magazine, July,2009.

Article by Edwina Nearing
Published in Habibi Magazine
A Future for the Past: Cairo’s New School for Traditional Music and Dance


Book #5 in Series: الفنون الشعبية في مصر
el Funun el Shaebiat fi Misr (Folklore in Egypt)
Written by Dr. Abdel Qader Mokhtar عبد القادر مختار

Article by Shira
Published on Guilded Serpent
Breaking News From the Ahlan wa Sahlan 2003

Opening Night Gala at the Mena House, Ahlan wa Sahlan 2003

Ahlan wa Sahlan Festival  2004 

First Impressions of Ahlan wa Sahlan 2005

Articles by Edwina Nearing
Published on Guilded Serpent
Sirat el-Ghawazi Part 1

Sirat el-Ghawazi Part 2
Sirat el-Ghawazi Part 3
Sirat el-Ghawazi Part 4
Sirat el-Ghawazi Part 5
Sirat el-Ghawazi Part 6
Sirat el-Ghawazi Part 7
Sirat el-Ghawazi Part 8
Sirat el-Ghawazi Part 9
Sirat el-Ghawazi Part 10
Sirat el-Ghawazi Part 11

Khyria Mazin Struggles to Preserve Authentic Ghawazee Dance Tradition
The End of the Banat Mazin? Struggles with Religious Fanatics, Real Estate Management , and Other Ghawazi

Book in 3 Part Series: أطلس الرقصات الشعبية المصرية
Atlas el Raqasat al Shaebiat el Misriat (The Atlas of Egyptian Folklore)
Written by Dr. Samir Gaber Beshay صمري جابر ب صاي

Book by Morocco (Carolina Varga Dinicu) 

Published by RDI Publications, LLC

You Asked Aunt Rocky: Answers & Advice About Raqs Sharqi & Raqs Shaabi
[Morocco's Website Print Only] [Amazon Print or Kindle]

Article by Maura Enright

Published on BabaYagaMusic
Ghawazee Dance, Music and Costuming

Article by Johara
Published in The Belly Dance Oasis Magazine
On the Hunt for the Elusive Ghawazee;  2016.

Article by Kristin Raeesi
Published in The Belly Dance Chronicles Magazine
Aisha Ali and the Nawari Nights of Egyptian Music and Dance Vol. 15, No. I, January-March 2017.

Article by Nisaa (Heather Ward)
Published in Belly Dance Oasis Magazine
The Dance of History: Khayriyah Mazin and the Endurance of the Ghawazi Tradition; No. 62, 2018.

Book by Nisaa (Heather Ward)

Published by McFarland & Company Inc.

Egyptian Dance in Transition:The Raqs Sharqi Revolution

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