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Family Tree

Interviews with Khyria Yousef Mazin and her siblings revealed over 100 family members. For privacy and simplicity the family tree here focuses on the branches that led to artists in the family. As a general rule the father and grandfather's name/s act as a surname.  Monikers have been listed where applicable for differentiation from others baring the same name ("kabir/kabira" indicates elder while "sogheir/sogheira" indicates younger). Exact chronology is unknown, but in general the eldest known children are on the left progressing to the youngest on the right, in some cases it was not possible to accurately depict chronology in the layout of the tree.


Family member bios will be updated periodically when new information is available, check here to see latest update notices.
Last Updated: May 1, 2022


Click on a name to open a info box with more information about each member of the family.
Names that turn gold when hovered over lead to new family branches, while their personal info is available on their branch page.
Click on the header "Family Tree" to return to this page from any subpage.

Gold Rings: Married Couple

Gold Outline: Worked as an Artist
Gold on Hover: Clicking opens a new family branch
Blue: Male
Pink: Female

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