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Contact Us

Khyria (Arabic) Tel: +20 106 379 7012 
Heba (English/Arabic) WhatsApp: +20 102 730 0494
Shining (English) WhatsApp: +1 503 504 8774

Visit Khyria's Home for Lessons:
Sharia Salah Salem; Building 2, Luxor City, Luxor Governorate, Egypt 85951
(PM43+MM Luxor)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the Location

How do I get to Khyria's home for lessons?

If you're coming from the west bank you can use the map below as a guide. It's about 15 by walking from the hospital. Please note as of late 2021 Cafe Habisha is now a kitchen goods market.

Khyria House Directions.jpg

Events in Luxor

How do I arrange a lesson with Khyria if I don't speak Arabic?

Use the whatsapp number to contact Heba. Tell her the date, time and length of lesson you want. It's also helpful to tell her dance or interview or how long or both. If you need her to translate or need a translator for your language just ask.

"Hi Heba I want a lesson with Khyria for April 3, 2022 at 3pm.
1hour dance and 1hour interview please. Can you help me find a Portuguese translator?"

How much do lessons cost?

As of 2022 Khyria is asking 1000egp (approx $64usd) for private lessons and a minimum of 6000egp (approx $384usd for groups), a dance lesson usually last 1-1.5hours. Please pay in the local currency Egyptian pounds.

Can I hire a band to play music for our lesson?

Of course! When booking the lesson be sure to tell Heba or Khyria if you want a rebaba or mizmar band. An additional fee will be added depending on the musicians available.

Can I hire Khyria and a band for a party/filming/etc?

Yes, follow the same steps to book a lesson but specify the event is a party/show/documentary etc. An additional fee will be added depending on the musicians available.

Online Events

How do I arrange an online lesson/interview/performance with Khyria?

Use the whatsapp number to contact Shining.
Tell her the date, time and length of event. Tell her what kind of service you need (dance lesson/interview/performance/other).
You can ask her to arrange a translator to be with Khyria in Luxor or you can hire a translator on your end to join the online event.

How much do online events cost?

Price varies depending on the type of event and services required, currency differences are taken into consideration when applicable. Inquire for estimate.

Can I hire Khyria and a band to play music for our online event?

Of course! When booking please specify if you want a rebaba or mizmar band.

What kind of events can we do online with Khyria?

Private Lesson
Private Interview
Group Lesson
Group Workshop
Group Interview
Live Performance to Recorded Music
Live Performance to Live Music
Recorded Performance to Recorded Music
Recorded Performance to Live Music

How can I pay for an online event?

Paypal (preferred method)
Western Union Transfer
Bank Transfer

Supporting Khyria

Is Khyria being paid for this content?
Yes, Khyria was compensated throughout the process of building the website . Every interview, filming session, notation session and translation consultations were paid directly to Khyria and the other relevant participants such as our translators and musicians. Additional income was supplied through the online workshops that occurred between 2021-2022 along with a few donations from members of the international dance community. 50% of all income (after expenses such as website hosting fees) from the website moving forward is collected and periodically distributed to Khyria. 

How do send money directly to Khyria?

Sending money to Egypt can be difficult but Wise, Western Union or MoneyGram may be possible upon request, until the donation feature is up and running. Use the contact form to inquire.

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