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Technique (1-3).png

Intro to Technique

Five lessons with Shining Peacekeeper introducing fundamental technique, jihayni technique and use of sagat.


Okasha Lesson Thumbnail.png


Two lessons with Khyria Mazin to mizmar and rababa music by Okasha.


Jihayni (1).png

Jihayni /Nizzawi

A short lesson on shaabi stick dance with Khyria Mazin and assistant Shining.


Haragy Lesson Thumbnail.png

Mohammed Abu Haragy

Two lessons with Khyria Mazin on the baladi mizmar music of Mohammed Abu Haragy.


Bardisi (1).png

Sayed el Bardisi

A lesson with Khyria Mazin to the mizmar music of Naga Hamadi artists Sayed el Bardisi and Banat Fouad.


Ah Ya Ghalbi Ehtar Thumbnail.png

Ah Ya Galbi Ehtar

This short karaoke style video will help you learn to sing the popular Saiidi tune "Oh My Confused Heart!" 



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