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Moulid Abd el Rahim el Qanawi in Qena

Music from a scene of the moulid Abd el Rahim el Qanawi in Qena, Egypt as described by Khyria Mazin. (Year unknown, estimated at 1965?).

View from 2:22m: 2:26 Salamat (Suad dances through crowd) 3:08 Taheya (Suad approaches stage) 3:15 Taheya (man asks for Mawal) 3:34 Mawal by Suad (L to R Feriyal, Fatheya, Suad) 5:29 “Ish Lowni Ana” اش لون انا 6:13 Taheya (Yousef Mazin approaches stage, man approaches stage asks for “Omda ya Nas”) 7:32 “Maa al-Omda ya Nas” مع العمدة يا ناس 8:36-10:23 Asharah

About the costumes and dance: The three oldest daughters of Yousef Mazin - Suad, Fatheya (also called Taheya or Touha) and Feriyal dance, sing and play sagat fully covered in black abayas out of respect for the religious holiday but accessorized with plenty of jewelry. Their dancing is more subdued compared to other non-religious events for the same reasons.

About mawlid: Moulid (sing.) or mawlid (plur.) and it's various transliterations are carnival-like festivals celebrating birthdays of Muslim saints (and Christian so I've been told) . Although they are religious holidays and often include Sufi activities like zikr, these holidays have long been centers for folk art around the country. Typical activities include feasting and buying lots of sweets like malban (aka turkish delight), carnival rides for children, men competing in tahtib or mirmah (horse racing) and whole families listening to music and--up until the conservative sweep in the mid to late 1980's--watching shaabi dancers perform with folk ensembles upon stages set up throughout the event. This year the moulid Abd el Rahim el Qanawi happened in Qena the weekend before the moulid Abu el Haggag in Luxor, both took place between March 10-18th, 2022.

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