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Edalae ya Helw (Album by Banat Mazin)

This series of posts will cover the collection of popular saiidi tunes performed by Khyria, Raja and Suad which was recently uploaded to Youtube thanks to El Wady Music . Each post will contain lyrics for a different song with translation provided. The album was most likely recorded in Cairo and in some ways the music reflects a Cairo interpretation of saiidi music, but the clarity of the voices is especially useful for students who will want to learn to sing these songs too.

Musical Artist: Banat Mazen

Genre: Pop (Shaabi) Record Label: Sayed Nasr Current Record Holder: El Wady Music Album: Edala3 Ya 7elw (ادلع ياحلو) Released on: Oct 10, 2004 (Information collected from Google/Youtube)

Start Listening Here:

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