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Greetings from Luxor!

The Banat Mazin are a group of entertainers from Luxor, Egypt specializing in the dance art locally called "raqs shaabi". 


This website is a collaborative effort between it's producer Shining and the last active member of the Banat Mazin, Khyria to help share the family's history and reach students around the world who want more resources to learn about this dance.


50% of all proceeds (after expenses) are collected and periodically distributed to Khyria Mazin.

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Updated: April 2023




NEW Mar 3rd! Song Translation: "Ya Jarid el Nakhl el Aly"
NEW Mar 24th! Song Translation: "Ya Leil"


(Members Only)
NEW Apr 15th!  Song Translation: "Ya Sawag El Taxi Ya Osta" 

NEW Apr 16th! Song Translation: "Ya Teer Yalli Ala Shagar"

NEW May 1st! Song Translation: "Ya Walady"

NEW May 17thSong Translation: "Yehram Aleya El Hob Ana"


WIP: Release TBA   Song Book: a downloadable book of 50+ songs and couplets used lyrically or melodically in conjunction with music for dance.

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